About us:

For over 30 years, we have taken part in the production of metal goods and injection moulded plastic pieces. We produce parts made of aluminium and steel, as well as various plastic products such as sockets, covers for aluminium profiles and corner links following customerdemands.

As an innovative company, we have been engaged for some time in the production of injection moulded pieces from evergrowing crude materials. FASAL is a new material consisting of the natural components wood, corn and resin. This easily decomposing material is especially designed for products used in nature, for example golf tees but also short living articles such as toys.

For our FASAL products, we were awarded a Lower Austrian innovation prize in 1998.

Mr. Christian Leistner-Mayer, the managing director of Konrad Fischer Ges.m.b.H., is particularly attached to quality and ecological compatibility.

At present, we are also taking part in two CRAFT BRITE EURAM projects:
>TREEPLAST: Injection moulded pieces from evergrowing crude material
>SPRING-LID: Development of a lid for glass containers using partial vacuum technology.

From the initiation of the product idea, through production development and to
completion, our team will always be available for you. If you would like further
information about the products, please contact us we are pleased to help you.
Tel: +43/2242/72326 Fax: +43/2242/72326 - 14
e-mail: info@konrad-fischer.com